Meditation for beginners

Jenna teaches two specific styles of meditation for beginner students.

1. Yoga Nidra (as originally created by Swami Satyananda) 2. Conscious Connected Breathwork.

Why meditate?

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Meditation is a subtle-body experience. In our very loud, fast-paced, and over-stimulated world it can be challenging to listen for our subtle (yet incredibly vital) inner voice. Meditation allows for an increase in inner awareness, meaning an ability to listen for and hear our personal desires and intentions. As we move through our lives at this time, things like radio advertisements, certain musical lyrics, billboards, scrolling the internet, branding, and cultural expectations/opinions can become a driving force behind the decisions and actions we engage in. Meditation and inner self exploration allows for our own heart/mind/body needs to shine through and become a priority.

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