Meditation for beginners

Jenna teaches two specific styles of meditation for beginner students.

1. Yoga Nidra (as originally created by Swami Satyananda) 2. Conscious Breathwork.

Why meditate?

Click here for 12 Science-Based Benefits of Meditation

Meditation is a subtle-body experience, and within our very loud, fast-paced, and over-stimulated world it can be challenging to listen for our subtle (yet incredibly vital) inner voice. This would be the voice that suggests which foods to eat for optimal health, what time your body really wants to go to sleep, when you’re due for some fresh air and exercise, who you’d truly like to surround yourself with, and where you’d like to be/work/travel without the input from any other source but You. It is your inner navigation system, and it can often become lost in the background or convoluted due to the current state of our existence/culture. Meditation and Breathwork allow for an immediate increase in potent awareness, meaning an ability to listen for and hear those personal desires and intentions more clearly - where life feels strong, meaningful and deliberate.

Women’s Breathwork Circle

monthly - Gibsons

Next in 2019

April 20, 2019 - 6:30-9pm (Women’s breathwork session)

April 21, 930-11am (breath work re-cap + integrative morning yoga)

$35 for both sessions


Sunshine Coast Mini Retreat

Next Fall Date TBA, 2019

9-4pm, Gibsons

$111 per person. All are welcome.

yoga nidra, yoga asana, full breathwork session, letters to Self, beautiful catered lunch, barefoot walking outdoors, unique interaction, peaceful atmosphere + music, meaningful connections, more.

Costa Rica Health Immersion

Feb 16-23, 2019

The Retreat, Atenas Costa Rica