Creating an intimate relationship between you, your body and your breath.

Breath is Life


I started working in the wellness world in the form of registered massage therapy and yoga over 11 years ago. This BRANCHED INTO A PASSION FOR LEARNING about AND SHARING guided MEDITATIONs (nidra) and more recently, facilitating the most medicinal form of wellness I have ever encountered - breathwork.

breathwork has taught me THE MOST IN THE SHORTEST PERIOD OF TIME, IT HAS rocked me to my core, GUIDED ME TO CHANGE DIRECTIONS/TOWNS/PARTNERS, and ultimately ALLOWED me TO see life and myself more clearly. It has brought me to a place of comfort and ease in my body and mind - a place I didn’t even know that i craved so, so much.


So what do you know about your breath…

do you hold it?

Does your breath have a sound?

Have you ever broken a rib(s)?

Ever had asthma? pneumonia?

can you take in a full breath with ease?

BREATHWORK group SESSIONS are offered monthly for women on the sunshine coast + twice annually in a mini 1 day retreat style setting for all. Through guided breathwork We discover our held TENDENCIEs and have a grand opportunity to see our stresses through a new lens.


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Email Jenna to sign up or for further info:


Email Jenna to sign up or for further info:


Breathwork + Health Immersion

Costa Rica

February 16-23, 2019      

Morning Guided meditations

optional daily yoga


Breathwork sessions every other day

farm to table nourishing meals (made with absolute care, in a kitchen you can watch from)

sunset after sunset

in-nature setting with breathtaking views

This 7 night, all-inclusive retreat week focuses on calming the nervous system, creating an intimate relationship with your body and breath, increasing cellular level detoxification, creating clarity, and inner resourcing - all for harmony within your body, mind, and life.


Breathwork - Gibsons

Monthly Offering for Women

April 20, 2019 - 6:30-9pm (group Breathwork)

$35, includes morning yoga practice + tea

April 21, 2019 - 9:30-11am (Integrative Yoga + breath work re-cap)

Free with Breathwork Session

Join us for a monthly group breathwork session on the sunshine coast, bc

included is a gentle, integrative yoga class the following morning to support your session and allow for continued integration (recommended


Sunshine Coast Mini Retreat - gibsons

Next Fall Date TBA

Real change can happen, in only one day…

Welcome to a meaningful and enlivening day filled with comfort, connection, awareness, and ease.

For everyone.


-yoga nidra guided meditation, gentle yoga asana, conscious breathwork, beautiful catered lunch, outdoor barefoot walking, letters to Self, unique self care techniques, quiet space, and an opportunity to be You.