the wisdom of Yoga, Meditation, conscious breathwork, healthy food and great company guide our retreats. 

true self care is a selfless behaviour.

Welcome all.


retreats are a necessary part of our current existence.  We have a consistent stream of loud and UNWAVERING stimulus coming our way at any given moment. it is an ongoing challenge to hear our own wants and needs shine through.

knowing this, our retreats are an intentional opportunity to check-in with where we are now, and to remember exactly where we’d like to be going. 

There is great power in letting go of our grip on life to simply be who we are, now.

self care means we begin to nourish our moST important life relationships...starting first with the one between you and you.

-Jenna Olsthoorn

Holistic Health Immersion Week

Costa Rica

February 16-23, 2019      

Meditation + Yoga + Healing

This 7 night, all-inclusive retreat focuses on calming the nervous system, breathing well, increasing cellular level detoxification, and renewing your own source of energy - for body, mind, and life.