Join our intimate group for a sacred and sunny week at The Blue Spirit Retreat Centre in Nosara, Costa Rica.


April 8-15, 2017.

This retreat is steeped in the wisdom of Yoga, Meditation, Breathing Practices, delicious + healthy food and lively pursuits into self-love, inside and out.  The day-to-day details are completely taken care of so you can truly enjoy the peace and tranquility that this jungle + oceanic resort property has to offer.

Morning Yoga is feel-good, gentle, flowing, and informative.  We check in.  We breathe big.  We move energy.  We rest, well.

Our classes and workshops are practiced in different studios on site.  (And sometimes right on the beach!)  You will experience your practice immersed in the jungle and/or listening to the ocean.  All of the spaces at Blue Spirit are sacred, stunning, divine.

Welcome to paradise.  Pura Vida.

Welcome all.

For those of you that love to surf, the waves here are fantastic in April.  Many-a-rental shops to grab a board and a long stretch of beach-break surfing for all levels to enjoy.

It is important to know when to retreat, and also when to strike… I believe that retreats are a necessary part of life, to re-gain clarity and to remember our inner brilliance.  I am forever amazed and inspired by the power of yoga and conscious retreat space.  It takes courage to step back, and it’s worth every admirable moment.

Welcome, all.