Meditation for ALL

I teach two specific styles of meditation for beginner students and beyond.

1. Yoga Nidra (as originally created by Swami Satyananda) 2. Conscious Connected Breathwork.



Guided meditation is a great place for beginners to start!

This style of meditation is practiced laying on your back or in a supportive chair. Think of yoga nidra like an exercise program for your brain. It is a 9-step process combining various relaxation, meditation, and concentration techniques.

This truly is a modern meditation and perfect for our fast paced style of living.

A minimum of 23 minutes of Yoga Nidra are required to receive the full benefits.

30 mins of Yoga Nidra is equivalent to 2-3 hours of sleep!

Can be practiced daily, at anytime.



Breathwork is an intensive healing modality. It is practiced laying down while rhythmically breathing in and out through the mouth at a pace that is typically quicker than your normal resting breath rate.

Breathing well, creates wellness.

Breathwork quickly unwraps our held physical, emotional, and mental patterns. It offers multiple opportunities to integrate past scenarios, traumas, and triggers that may be currently preventing us from moving forward in life.

These are 1-3 hour sessions and are often the highlight of our retreats.

Breathwork hyper-oxygenates the body as a system and can be an access point to altered planes of consciousness, clarity, inspiration and emotional integration.

With your permission, I use hands on guidance and words of affirmation to support your session.

Can be practiced 1:1, in a larger group setting, or at home with experience.

Why meditate?

Meditation is a subtle-body experience. Within our loud, fast-paced, and stimulated world, it is challenging to listen for our own subtle (yet vital) inner voice. This is the voice that suggests which foods to eat for optimal health, what time your body really wants to go to sleep, when you’re due for some fresh air and exercise, who you’d truly like to surround yourself with, and where you’d like to be/work/travel, without the input from any other source but You. It is your inner navigation system, and it can often become lost in the background or convoluted due to the current state of our existence/culture.

Meditation is a game changer. With practice, it offers a heightened sense of awareness, meaning an ability to listen for and hear your personal desires clearly - where life feels strong, meaningful and at ease.

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Women’s Breathwork Circle


October 26, 2019 - Yoga By The Sea, Roberts Creek BC




To register, please contact Jenna directly

604 966 4060

Sunshine Coast Retreat


Garden Bay, BC - After Summer Retreat

Private ocean front home

Date: October 4-6, 2019

$425 pp

Includes 2 nights accommodation + all meals and workshops.

An intimate experience for 6 guests.

personalized guided meditations, 2 breathwork sessions, all nourishing vegetarian meals starting with dinner on Friday and breakfast on Sunday, sunset at Daniel Point, peaceful atmosphere + processing space, meaningful connections, more

To register, please contact Jenna directly

604 966 4060

Annual Meditation Retreat

November 2019

(more details out soon)