Massage Therapy goes well beyond luxury.

massage therapy promotes the release of hormones that decrease feelings of pain, and increase feelings of happiness and relaxation.  Regular massage treatments can enhance your overall well being - body, mind, and life. Welcome!  


Massage Therapy can help with:

  • muscular tension

  • Headaches

  • tendinitis

  • post surgery scar tissue

  • limited range of motion

  • chronic pain

  • irregular sleep patterns

  • acne

  • irregular digestion

  • high stress levels

  • low immunity

  • lack of safe and caring touch


1 HOUR - $100

90 MIN - $135

45 MIN - $80



highly effective and deeply therapeutic.  

One Tree Wellness Modalities:

  • Myofascial Release (creates space around and between structures in the body and improves range of motion.  Helps to move stored and held energy.)

  • deep relaxation (relieves stress and re-aligns the central nervous system.  from here, the body knows how to begin healing itself.)

  • Craniosacral (works with the pulse of the fluid system surrounding the spinal cord and brain. deeply affects the central nervous system to relieve pain and re-balance the body from the inside out)

  • prenatal Massage (available at all stages of pregnancy.  helps reduce INFLAMMATION in hands and feet and relieves tension from a rapidly changing body.  therapeutic for both mama and baby.)