Massage Therapy goes well beyond luxury...

Jenna currently practices out of Creek Massage in Roberts Creek, BC. Please call or book online to make an appointment. 604 966 4060


-massage therapy promotes the release of hormones that decrease feelings of pain.

 -safe, caring and therapeutic touch increases feelings of happiness and relaxation.

 -Regular massage treatments can enhance your overall well being - body, mind, and life. 


Rates (Includes tax)

1 HOUR - $110

75 MIN - $125

90 MIN - $145

45 MIN - $90

therapeutic, effective and deeply relaxing.  


Massage Therapy can help with:

  • muscular tension

  • Headaches

  • tendinitis

  • post surgery scar tissue adhesions

  • limited range of motion

  • chronic pain

  • irregular sleep patterns

  • acne

  • irregular digestion

  • high stress levels

  • low immunity

  • overall well being

One Tree Wellness Modalities:

  • Myofascial Release - works with the connective tissues of the body, this technique creates space around and between structures to improve range of motion and decrease soft-tissue tension.

  • deep relaxation - soothing strokes + breathing techniques to relieve physical and mental stress.  from a relaxed state, the body knows how to begin healing on its own.

  • Craniosacral - specific and relaxing head and body holds.  works with calming the central nervous system to relieve pain and re-balance the body from the inside out.

  • prenatal Massage (available at all stages of pregnancy)  helps reduce swelling in hands and feet and relieves tension from a rapidly changing body.  therapeutic for both mama and baby:)