Hello.  My name is Jenna Olsthoorn.  I'm an international Yoga Teacher, meditation teacher, Conscious Breath facilitator, Essential oils advocate, and BC Registered Massage Therapist.  

I believe strongly in the lasting,  therapeutic benefits of structural alignment, deep relaxation and good touch.  

I went to school at OVCMT for their 3 year, 3300 hour program to train in assessment-based, rehabilitative and sports-related massage therapy.  Over the past 7 years, my practice has evolved into a hybrid of deep tissue massage with a focus on nervous system homeostasis.  I use medicinal essential oils, myofasical release and craniosacral techniques to create space in the body where it is willing to be created.

I begin my treatments with an assessment of your feet.  a check-point into your structural and energetic alignment.  From here, we find an appropriate approach that will leave you feeling balanced, calm, and in a better place than when we started.

I offer pre-natal treatments at all stages of pregnancy and welcome clients of any age onto the table.

I recommend seeing your RMT twice per month for optimal bodily functioning and 1-2 x per week in an injured or highly stressful state.

You deserve ongoing quality care, healthy touch, and a happy existence.  Massage Therapy is an ancient and wise practice.  Please reach out.

Welcome all.