I'm Jenna olsthoorn, RMT

I am a registered massage therapist, yoga & meditation teacher, retreat creator, conscious breath coach, and an endless advocate for self care & self love.

  I believe in loving your body and loving your life, first and FOREMOST.

I graduated in 2010 from the okanagan valley college of massage therapy.  I took their 3 year, 3300 hour massage program.  

As a client of mine, you can expect to be guided towards healthy breathing techniques, myofascial release treatments and deep relaxation for your mind and body.   I host an international yoga retreat twice per year which you will receive a personal invitation to, ongoing.

My focus is on calming the central nervous system and creating ease in your body.

Yoga, meditation, massage therapy, conscious breath work, and mindful self care techniques all go hand-in-hand in creating a balanced and well-deserved healthy lifestyle.

I encourage you to seek monthly hands on care treatments from RMTs, mindful chiropractors, TCMs, and reflexologists.  It is so important to receive regular care.

All ages and bodies welcome


-jenna olsthoorn, RMT

Yoga Teacher - Meditation Coach - Conscious Breath Facilitator - Registered Massage Therapist - Retreat Facilitator/Creator